History News

History News is an app that allows tracking news from the previous months/years.
Just choose a date, type of news you are interested in, tap a “search” button, and… enjoy!

  • Select date or time interval
  • Choose type of news you would like to know about
  • Share the article via mail, message, Twitter or Facebook
  • News from over 100 world’s best-known publishers
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: • Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
• Requires iOS 6

We Make History News App

The History News app was developed by Fast Development Solutions, a mobile application developer studio that combines advantages and experience of a larger company while still maintaining the culture of a small boutique firm.

The app is aimed at those people searching for a particular kind of news articles from the previous months/years, and also at those people interested in what was the major news at a specific date or period of time.

The news is coming from all over the world from more than a hundred of the world’s best-known publishers and marketing organizations including Forbes, Reuters, USA Today, Mashable and others. So far the app allows tracking news back to January 1993.

App Screenshots

History News 1.0

Release date: 6/01/2013
  • Search news by date
  • Search news by category
  • Share your favorite news via mail, message, Twitter, or Facebook

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